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Check out the Benefits of Hosted eCommerce Solutions!

This is the era of technology where anything and everything is possible. These days, people are too busy for visiting stores and purchasing stuff whether it is a luxury item or an item of day to day consumption. This is where the facility of online purchasing enters the frame in the form of eCommerce. With the increasing trend of eCommerce website and apps, every business wants to get their benefits. Well, there are companies that offer hosted eCommerce solutions which help business to up and running right away.

Hosted eCommerce solutions are pay-per-month eCommerce solutions where one gets access to a web-based admin to access your store.  Hosting as well as physical elements of your site such as security are taken care of by the hosted solution provider.

Hosted eCommerce solutions can help you have an up-to-date, secure platform for your online shop with ready-access to support nearly at all times and accountability of service delivery.

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Hosted solutions are benefited from economies of scale and operate on a one-to-many business model, delivering the same services and software to many customers at once. Customers are charged on a subscription basis.  Well, it’s important to have Customization and Outstanding Designing done for such websites, but you cannot ignore the hosting part.

Nowadays, hosted eCommerce solutions are suggested to save time, money, and effort in from scratch eCommerce app or website Development. A hosted shopping cart solution a lot of benefits over a do-it-yourself installed (self-hosted) cart:

– With hosted eCommerce solutions, the cart is installed and ready for the client to start working on their website’s design, configuring your payments and shipping, adding products and content, and then going live.

– In case you outgrow the package you are currently on, you can upgrade to another package comparatively easily if you choose hosted eCommerce solutions.

– One doesn’t have to buy their own server; just pay from month to month for as long as you want your app or website. Your monthly fee includes access to the store’s admin and supports the hosting of your website and support. That way, one doesn’t need to worry about installing a shopping cart, hosting, and updates.

– If you had your own website, do you have the money and time to frequently update your site to protect it against hacking attempts or threats like “cross-site scripting”? Well, if you choose a website development company that provides hosted eCommerce solutions, it will take care of that for you.

– More than anything else, you benefit from the experience of the provider in vigorously managing a huge number of shopping cart websites. For example, as it fixes the bugs for one customer, the other one also get them fixed for them too. Similarly, as new features are added for one customer, they’re also added for the other one also (unless you have other ideas as a client).

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Hosted eCommerce solutions are an easy way to begin and a smart business decision in the long run.  With hosted eCommerce shopping cart provider taking care of the server side of things, you can always focus on your business. You just need to find the right online shopping cart provider; you might also get ongoing customization and personalization from your provider as well.

From support to upgrade to maintenance, each of these come with its costs and headaches in our hosted eCommerce solutions; you do not have to worry about any of them. If the online store is down, don’t you worry! The hosted eCommerce solutions provider will take care of it.

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