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Unique Design Elements to Develop eCommerce Website Successfully

You know what are the unique design elements to develop eCommerce website successfully? Long gone are the days when people used to rely on shops and local markets to purchase the things of their demand. Nowadays, everybody prefers to buy the products through an eCommerce website by a single click. Thus, it is of utmost importance to make the design and layout of the eCommerce website in an attractive as well as easy to use way.

Nobody can deny the fact that people think twice before buying something and there’s a lot that they research before adding the products to their cart. There are a variety of steps that every customer goes through while initiating a purchase at the eCommerce store and it is very crucial to inform the customers about all the important and relatable information at each stage.

Here’s a quick guide that will help you design an attractive and easy to operate website for your customers:

Use High-Quality Product Images to Boost Sales: Putting up the images that show all the possible and different angles of the product really helps. The customers get a better picture of how the product looks and hence can make an informed choice. Another way to convince the customers to buy the product is through allowing the old customers to share their experience of the product with images.

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Show Related Products: The website should be designed in such a manner that it can show the products like what the customer is viewing to increase sales. Apart from this, the website should also show what other customers have brought along with the product the person is purchasing.

Customer Ratings for Different Features of The Products: The website should try to cover each aspect related to a particular product. For example, A clothing item should have the columns to review for product features like “runs true to size” and “actual colour matches with the one in the picture”. This may indicate the customer in advance about what he will get exactly. This not only helps the customers to shop wisely but also reduces the chances of negative reviews by the customers on the website.

Show Lifestyle Related Products in Different Setups: Products related to home decors like furniture and decoration pieces should be displayed through different setups so as to convince the customer to buy the products. This gives the customers a wide range of options in which the products can be used and thus increases the probability of boost in sales.

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Easy-To-Operate Through Proper Navigation: The range of products available at the eCommerce store should be first sorted on the basis of broader categories, and then the smaller categories should be placed under each broad category accordingly. But the number of categories should not be too much to avoid confusion since people generally access such eCommerce sites through their mobile gadgets.

Checkout Process: All your previous efforts may go into vain if your eCommerce website doesn’t offer a smooth checkout process. Features like summary of the bill, discount coupons, form filling details, payment method really add to ease at the checkout. A customer might get irritated searching for a coupon or filling long details and may end up not buying the product.

Brand Logo, Navigation & Search Bar: When you visit a platform for buying anything, the navigation and search bar make the biggest impact on how you proceed further on shopping with a particular platform. This is what makes it important to have these basic features integrated on the online shopping platforms as they did not just make it easier for shoppers to find desired products, but also save a lot of their time. The brand logo is sure to make them remember your brand name in future.

Advertising & Chat Options: There may be incidents when online shoppers may stuck in unwanted situations. This is where online char support comes into the picture, allowing them to have instant and real-time support by an expert. This is why most online shopping platforms are offering live chat support facility for shoppers. Advertising your latest offers and products may be another way to attract more visitors to your business, resulting in improved revenue for sure.

Hence, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free checkout is of utmost importance.

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