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Top eCommerce Web Hosting Types For Your Online eCommerce Store

Running a successful eCommerce website may be a tough road to go; you must ensure offering a flawless user experience to the target audiences. Remember that a successful eCommerce website is a complete package of the robust coding, unique functionality, engaging UI & UX and performance. Web Hosting is the most important factor for delivering better performance, is an essential part of the eCommerce website.

Even a one-second delay may result in great disaster as your conversions may drop by 7 percent, so it’s essential for you to choose the best eCommerce web hosting plan. To make the right choice, it’s important to know everything about the different kinds of eCommerce web hosting services.

What is eCommerce Hosting?

eCommerce website hosting is a standard phrase that is used to describe the type of website hosting platform that is used to serve an electronic commerce website. The biggest thing to know about ecommerce web hosting is that it is not similar to the other types of web hosting. It offers several features and functionalities, which are required to manage and run a commercial website. The eCommerce website hosting comes with the following features:

  • SSL
  • Database support
  • Shopping cart software
  • Payment processing services

eCommerce Web Hosting for online eCommerce Store

Apart from these, the ecommerce hosting plans are equipped with some additional ecommerce software and security initiatives. The web hosting plans for eCommerce are designed to provide the business owners with all the required tools and services that may be useful to set-up, manage and conduct an ecommerce business.

This is an option that is available with the Web hosting service providers, but it’s exclusively for the eCommerce business owners.

Shared Hosting Ecommerce Web Hosting

As the name suggests, shared web hosting is the one that is used by multiple websites at one time. This means your website is hosted on a server which is also used by other websites. If you are a startup or don’t have any plans to invest massive amounts on the individual eCommerce web hosting plan, then shared web hosting may be the ideal choice as the biggest advantage of using shared hosting is the shared cost.

In the shared eCommerce web hosting plan, all the domains share the same server resources, such as RAM, CPU, etc. This means the performance of the shared hosting may be affected due to the numbers of domains being hosted on the single server.

Shared Hosting

Pros of Shared W-commerce Hosting:

Affordable Choice –

This is the most common benefit of shared web hosting for ecommerce websites as the bandwidth, disk space and other resources are shared among the different domains that are hosted on the single server. This allows small and medium-sized businesses to create an excellent quality website on a limited budget.

Good Support & Maintenance –

Another important reason for choosing the shared ecommerce hosting plan is efficient support for technical downtime. The highly skilled web hosts maintain the server, hardware, etc., which means the website downtime is mitigated and the response rates and technical support is highly efficient. Since many businesses are using the same server, the web hosts use a proactive approach to respond promptly to solve technical problems and security concerns.

Cons of Shared W-commerce Hosting:

Performance –

Since shared web hosting is responsible to provide the same resources to many business websites, the performance may be affected. This means your online shoppers may need to wait a little bit to complete the checkout process, add a product to cart or even for the website to load as the performance is not up to the mark, especially for the eCommerce businesses. In the competitive world, performance matters a lot where the aster websites continue to retain more of the marginal customers than their slower counterparts.

Limitations –

As you know that with a shared ecommerce web hosting, you are sharing the Web Hosting Space, Memory, Bandwidth and CPU Processing power with other users, which means the technical support is also shared by the other domain owners so, in case of any downtime, you’d need to be on the waiting list. The eCommerce websites produce a different kind of content to the users and each product has its exclusive image, description, and database, which requires consistent, uninterrupted performance.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Ecommerce Web Hosting

The Virtual Private Server is one of the newest forms of eCommerce web hosting types that have only recently gained in popularity. This is a source of confusion for many online shopping business owners searching for a web host for their Internet ventures. And the reason here is that VPS is a hybrid type of hosting and dedicated hosting.

This makes it clear why most people have confusion about this, and many are still unsure if it will suit their purposes and their web hosting needs. VPS is partitioned, which means it has its operating system, disc space, and bandwidth. This means the uses a physical server that resides in a data center. The particular physical server is divided into various spaces and then allocated to the businesses.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) Ecommerce Web Hosting

Pros of Virtual Private Server:

Affordable –

This is a hybrid of shared eCommerce hosting services, which means this offers the benefits of dedicated and shared hosting plans. This is a cost-effective choice than the dedicated server with mixed benefits.

Better Performance –

No matter what the other users are doing on another VPS hosted on the same machine, you get the guaranteed better performance for your eCommerce website. You get the amount of RAM paid, the CPUs, etc. that you have paid for.

Cons of Virtual Private Server:

Limited Technical Support –

Although you are sure about the performance, RAM, CPU, etc. but you still have to compromise with the technical support, which is shared with everyone. This means you can still face the problems that may be similar to shared hosting plans.

Dedicated Ecommerce Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting for eCommerce businesses is the one that provides a dedicated server to the individual domains, which means you get an entire server to yourself so there is no sharing of CPU, RAM or bandwidth. This is like getting a VIP package of any service. For the eCommerce business with huge numbers of products, dedicated hosting is the ideal choice and the reasons are many.

Pros of Dedicated Ecommerce Web Hosting:

Dedicated Server & Resources –

Server and its resources like CPU, RAM and bandwidth are available exclusively available for the single domain that is not shared with anyone else. This means you get the full resources of a single server, so there are no worries about the website clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM.

Optimal Security & Performance –

The best part of dedicated eCommerce web hosting is that it ensures maximum uptime for your website. It is even more important and beneficial for websites with multiple products and complex coding. And if your website receives a lot of traffic, dedicated servers provide more stability and reliability than shared hosting.

Unique IP Address –

Another reason why big brands prefer using dedicated eCommerce web hosting is that it offers a unique IP address to each domain name. So, your website and its data are secure even if the hackers attack the service provider.

24/7 On-Premise Support –

As a business owner, you’d want to be sure that your website is running successfully. And in case there is a technical problem, it must be dealt with immediately by the experts. This is what you get with dedicated ecommerce web hosting, which offers quick support via phone, live chat, or help ticket submission.

Hosting Affordable Cost

Cons of Dedicated eCommerce Web Hosting:

High Cost –

The most common reason that businesses choose to not to go with dedicated ecommerce web hosting is that it is costlier than other hosting types. If your shop is hitting serious sales volumes, then you may choose to opt for dedicated hosting.

Magento Ecommerce Hosting

For the websites with Magento platform, Magento ecommerce web hosting may be an ideal choice, which is exclusively designed by Magento to respond to the needs of the Magento platform. This offers a lot of useful features for running an online store.

Pros of Magento Ecommerce Hosting

Pricing –

It may be complicated for the individuals, but the merchants can save a lot of money with Magento ecommerce hosting as you only for what you use. It sounds unbelievable, but the plans start from as low as $5 a month!

Security –

This is a very important benefit available with Magento ecommerce hosting plan as Magento follows the best security best practices that protect your Magento store from almost every kind of security threat like DDOS attacks, intrusions, hacking attempts, etc.


Whether you are a small business or own a big brand, choosing the best suitable eCommerce web hosting service may be a crucial decision, which must be taken smartly with all the pros and cons of the above-mentioned eCommerce web hosting types. Make sure to understand your requirements and choose the best that fits best your individual needs and budget.

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