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Building a Fitness App: Essential Features That A Futuristic Fitness App Must Have

These days, fitness is the most important factor, for which they take a lot of steps like joining the gym, preparing meal plans, etc. Being a fitness freak, global users download a lot of mobile applications to track their calorie intake and burn to ensure they are making the most of their efforts.

To be precise, taking help of mobile applications is becoming a trend these days as technology makes many things better and easier. Following this, mobile apps are gaining more and more popularity each year.

When downloading the fitness mobile apps, users are more concerned about the features (benefits) it offers than the design part. To help you create your fitness mobile app, we’ll tell you here about how to make a fitness app and the important features that must be integrated to make it user-friendly and useful for the users.

Features that Could Make Your Fitness App Popular

Custom Workout Programs

The most essential feature of the fitness mobile apps is to provide the users with the ability to choose from a variety of custom workout programs based on different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). If the mobile app is not providing a custom workout plan according to the user’s individual needs, then the users are likely to use another as because a workout is the most essential part of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

You can also provide the users to get a consultation on workout plans by the experts, which may be provided in the premium version of the app where the expert trainers may evaluate their individual needs and guide them with a custom plan accordingly.

Geolocation Integration

Geolocation Integration

This is another important feature that must be integrated within the fitness apps to enable the users to track their walk routes, plan tours and report workouts of the users. In simple words, geolocation integration allows the users to know how many steps they’ve walked or how long they’ve cycled by looking at the map integrated on the mobile app.

The feature uses Google Map to track the location of the user that gives you a huge boost of motivation and satisfaction. It has become a very essential feature for fitness tracking apps these days.

Wearable Device Integration

Almost everyone out there us using a wearable device these days. If not, then there are plans to purchase one. Integrated with wearable devices and its data plays a vital role in the fitness apps in development as it allows the end-users to connect their devices with the mobile app and enjoy the benefits such as the ability to keep track of their activities and exercise routine.

The wearable device integration feature, the mobile apps allow users to track and keep an eye on their daily exercise schedule. The users can also compare their fitness activities by comparing their data by week, month and year to customize more effective fitness routine. Additionally, the users can also detect and monitor blood pressure, pulse and other physiological parameters via external Bluetooth devices.

push notification

Push Notification

It is a very common feature of online shopping mobile applications, but its benefits are not limited to the e-commerce apps only. The fitness enthusiasts would want to stay informed on everything about their fitness goals and the latest happening. It may remind the user about their workout session, mealtime, and a lot more.

Push notifications in fitness mobile apps help users to stay informed on everything related to their fitness regimen, allowing the app owners to increase revenue by notifying users about an upcoming workout.


Your daily workout routine may seem boring and you may lose interest in it very soon if it is not made interesting. This is why gamification is a very interesting and important part of the fitness mobile apps, allowing the users to stay motivated and do something better with their fitness goals. Various leading mobile apps like RunKeeper or Nike+ are already using this feature to entertain and inspires a person when the user accomplish the goals.

Many interesting activities may be added to the app using gamification feature, turning the workout routine into an interesting one.

Custom Diet Plans

The fitness mobile app is not just the mobile app, but it serves as a personal trainer to the users, allowing them to enjoy their workout, ensure achieving better results on time. This makes integrating ‘custom diet plans’ very essential part of the app development process as diet plays an important role in the overall progress of the fitness goals.

Integrating ‘custom diet plans’ feature on the mobile app will help the end-users to create the personalized diet plans and to get the support of expert dietitians to meet their fitness goals faster with the appropriate diet plan. Make sure to let them choose the ingredients and decide the recipe as what they want.

Sleep Tracker

The healthy mind and body goals are only possible when you enjoy a good sleep. More or less sleep may be bad for your health and fitness goals, which is what makes it a great choice to integrate “sleep tracker” in the fitness mobile app today. With the sleet tracking features, the users can track the time they didn’t get the sound sleep. This feature will ensure that the user is having a balanced sleep that is good for particular fitness goals.


With time, more and more people are understanding the importance of physical fitness and hence there is a great demand for fitness mobile apps. Of course, the competition is high, but if you plan to invest in a fitness mobile app, these above-mentioned mobile app features are sure to be your support to achieve better results.

Before you implement, make sure to do the market research and understand the benefits of different app features to make the right decision to make you stand out than the existing fitness apps.

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