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How Important Are Customer Reviews and Testimonials in eCommerce Store?

How often do you buy a product without reading the reviews? I bet you’ve never done that because product review is the most important thing that could help you evaluate the quality of a particular product and the services offered by the business. According to the experts, over 90 percent of online buyers prefer reading reviews before proceeding to checkout.

And when it comes to buying from the new websites, it’s even more important for the buyers to go through reviews because “Online buyers find it difficult to rely on online stores in the first attempt.”

If you are still not allowing your online shoppers to leave reviews for your products, then this article is just for you. Let us take a look the importance of customer reviews for the ecommerce businesses.

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Online Product Reviews – Know How They Impact Sales?

Experts claim that over 90 percent shoppers prefer reading reviews, especially when they are buying from a new portal. And when buying from an old portal, over 50 percent shoppers prefer going through the reviews section. Integrating the option to leave reviews for online shoppers can increase your sale by 4.6%.

The reviews with product images are more effective as they let prospective buyers to have a look at the actual product that they’ll receive. The surveys conducted regarding online shoppers’ buying behaviour suggest that online buyers trust each other’s reviews as much as 12 times compared to the product description.

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Genuine Reviews Means Customer Trust

The sole idea behind allowing the shoppers to leave a review on their purchases is to build trust and to ensure that the shoppers may be sure of getting what they are expecting. But online buyers are smart enough to understand fake reviews. They know what’s real or fake so the review that’s full of glitters and stars is usually avoided. Genuine reviews from real buyers are always helpful in building customers’ trust.

Genuine Reviews Means Traffic

If your sale isn’t growing with the reviews, but your traffic is sure to have a boost because people will visit you to read reviews about the products. If when the shoppers find the same product at a different portal where price is lower, but there’s no review available on the particular product, they will visit you to read reviews about it. It also increases chances in shoppers having strong believe in your products than the ones listed on other platforms.

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How to Get More Product Reviews?

To get more product reviews, the first thing you need is to implement the feature on your eCommerce platform to leave reviews. And to grow the numbers here’s something you can do:

  • Ask online buyers to share their experiences with their purchase.
  • Drop emails to customers after sales to get a review.
  • Don’t make review writing a rocket science to them – Keep The Process Simple and easy.
  • Offer incentives for shoppers who leave reviews for their past purchases.

Final Words

Online product reviews are all about customer satisfaction. With more genuine reviews, you gain more trust of your visitors because they know the products listed on your platform are genuine, so make sure to have the feature integrated on your platform.

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