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Effective Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Your eCommerce Business

In the eCommerce marketplace, competition is tough and thousands of online stores are trying hard to achieve their potential customers. If you are also running an online shopping website, lead generation is crucial for its success. It is because the more leads you get, the higher will be sales and revenue. After all, today’s leads are tomorrow’s customers.

But, in this competitive world, things are quite tricky, and many eCommerce store owners fail to use the strategies that work for lead generation. So, we bring to you the top lead magnet ideas to grow your eCommerce business.

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Understand Your Lead

The First and foremost thing you would want to understand before you launch a massive lead magnet program is to understand your lead closely. Figure out who you want to attract as customers and buyer personas for them. This will help you customize your lead magnet programs for you to make the most of your investments and attract most leads in less time. For example, you want to identify a few things like the target location, age, gender, educational background, etc. about your leads.

Set Up An Email List

The ideal strategy here to launch a successful lead magnet campaign is to create a custom email that contains most of your potential customers. It is because email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with and nurture leads. According to the experts, over 70% of emails are opened by mobile owners, making it an effective marketing strategy. Sending effective and engaging emails to your prospects a few times a week can be a great way to keep leads coming in. For the startups, using email tools like Mailchimp can be a good email provider to start with.

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Discount Coupons

We all love discounts on products, which is why we all love to buy products, apparel, electronics and everything else during the festival season because this is the time we all get maximum discount offers. A great thing about discount offers is that shoppers can immediately calculate how much they stand to gain. For instance, if you offer a 10% discount on a product worth $200, they know they’re getting $20 for a discount. Visitors make a mental calculation of the actual value they will gain with the discount offer, making discount coupons the best lead magnet idea. Remember that it is hard for consumers to ignore a coupon.

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Offer free shipping

It is a proven fact that products with free shipping facilities are more likely to be purchased than those with no free shipping. This is another smarter way to offer discounts to customers as they know that they can save on shipping charges. Offering free shipping can help create a pool of loyal customers for your store. Make sure to offer free shipping on the products carefully as you’ll find yourself spending $6 to ship products that cost $2. So, make sure to use filters when applying free shipping on the products.

When launching your lead generation campaign for your eCommerce business, including these above-mentioned lead magnets into your campaign and you are sure to achieve the maximum returns to your investment and enjoy higher conversion rates. Remember that even a 0.5% increase in visitors can result in massive revenues for high turnover businesses.

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