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Mobile Marketing Strategies to Drive More To Your Ecommerce Business

E-commerce is growing at a meteoric pace, and mobile technology plays a huge role in its success. According to a recent study, global retail e-commerce sales reached $2.4 trillion in 2017 and the figures are expected to reach 4.9 trillion in 2021. And with over 70 percent internet searches being made via mobile devices, it is pertinent to e-commerce businesses to implement a mobile marketing strategy to improve their bottom lines.

In this post, we are sharing top 5 mobile marketing strategies to attract more users to your e-commerce business via mobile devices.

Develop a mobile-friendly website

If you are still not having a mobile-friendly website, then you are already losing a huge chunk of your potential sales daily. Take the first step towards success with creating a mobile-friendly website or simply a mobile application to let your target audiences browse and shop through your products with ease.

Customize Checkout Process

If your visitors are abandoning their carts as they reach the checkout page, the reason may be your default multi-step checkout process. No user would like to spend ages on completing details to complete the purchase. Using one-step checkout is the best way to ensure your users have a better shopping experience.

Invest in App Store Optimization

Wondering how to do mobile marketing? Investing in App Store Optimization is the first step you can take to promote your mobile application on the App Stores so it ranks higher with relevant key terms. The perfect ASO strategy ensures your mobile app is downloaded and browsed by more target audiences.

Promote with Mobile Ads

One of the best benefits of mobile marketing is having more visitors to your e-commerce mobile app and custom mobile ads can do the magic. Utilize the social media platforms to promote your e-commerce mobile application, aimed to entice the target audiences to download and browse the mobile app. Offer some beginner discount or coupons for the first-time mobile app users.

Try SMS Marketing

This is another proven and result-oriented mobile marketing strategy that global brands are already using to promote their mobile applications, as well as their products with a discount, offers to target audiences. There are many certified companies who can help you launch a custom SMS marketing campaign to reap the benefits of mobile marketing.

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