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A Detailed Guide To Start Your Own Online Grocery Store Business

Online shopping industry is booming, not just in the USA but also in other parts of the world.  The industry is expected to grow at a rate of 25-30% per year and is expected to cross more than $100 billion by the year 2020. With rapid growth, the leading global have already started to invest in this segment. The brands like Ola, Flipkart and Paytm are entering in the industry with the expectations to make it big in the online grocery shopping industry.

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So, if you are also wondering, ‘how to build an online grocery store?’ and need guidance for the same, here is the detailed guide that will talk everything about the online grocery business, how to start and what you need to create a successful and user-friendly online grocery platform.

How To Start Online Grocery Business?

How to Start a Grocery Store

Know Your Target Audience & Market

Before planning to build your online grocery store, it is very important to target a market because starting at a small level is always better than selling at the international level. This is even more effective when you have a small budget.

As an entrepreneur, it is always important to look into the market and identify opportunities. Since we are talking about the groceries online, you must want to ensure that the groceries or vegetables are delivered fresh, and must be limited to a particular radius of the delivery area. So, you need to plan accordingly and set up your office and tie with a warehouse or local grocery shops to fulfill order smoothly.

Also, it is important to identify your target audiences, which must be the women and the people who are unable to talk down to the local stores to buy groceries for their daily needs.

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Register Your Business

Once you have successfully identified your target audience and market, now is the time to take the next step and register your brand. You must want to register your firm and company. For example, you may want to register it as a Pvt. Ltd company or an LLP agency. Also, you must want to be Income Tax compliant. A professional and registered tax consultant can help you complete these formalities.

Get Your Backend In Place

Now, since you have your business registered with the local authorities, you have to set up an office at a place from where you can successfully operate everything from order processing to deliveries. You may need to contact a warehouse to store the products that you are planning to sell online to your target audience.

Make sure to opt for an office space located within your territory so it is easier for you to ensure timely deliveries as the products must be delivered on time i.e. same day within a few hours. If you are not already having a network of your own or your own business of groceries, you can also contact local and reliable suppliers and wholesalers who can supply the products for you. These businesses will serve as your partners to keep you well supplied with the products and items you need regularly. Don’t forget to bargain for the prices as you will be buying products and items in bulk.

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Set Up Online Grocery Platform

This is the most important step to your journey and probably the best answer to your query i.e. how to build an online grocery store? This is going to be the platform where your target audiences will be exploring the products and making payments for the groceries online. So, it must be designed and developed to make the whole process of order processing easier for the target audience.

Considering you are not a professional web and mobile app developer, designer, and tester, it is suggested to have the support of a professional e-commerce development company to design and develop your website according to your requirements. If required, these professionals can also help you create a mobile app for quick and stress-free shopping of groceries online.

Make sure to interview various businesses and make sure to refine your concepts well enough to lead the already-competitive online shopping industry. Creating a professional website and mobile application can help you save money on multiple fronts like you need not have your team to develop the website (they work as freelancers), hire office for the team, etc. This makes a win-win situation for both you – your potential customer and your business.

So, invest good time in researching the best companies who know how to build an online grocery store and have teams consisting of designers, website developers, mobile app developers, testers and promoters. There are various platforms that you can choose to create your website like:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

Choose the one according to your budget and business needs. A professional company may also help you choose the best one for your needs. There are many features that you must want to integrate on the website:

  • Feature to search for products using generic keywords
  • Filter products on specific parameters
  • Sort the products on specific parameters
  • List the best-selling products across categories
  • Payment online using Net Banking, Wallets, Debit cards, etc
  • Ability to use discount coupons and reward points
  • Option to win discount by referring to friends
  • Sharing products on social media
  • Register on the platform using social signup credentials
  • SEO friendliness for better ranking on search engines
  • Mobile-friendly for easy browsing over different screen sizes
  • Product tracking using GPS location integration

When developing a website and mobile application, it is important to keep in mind that the platform has a user-friendly User Interface and is clutter-free.

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Have a Custom Marketing Plan?

This is very important to make your brand successful. After all, there is no use of investing a huge amount on developing an online grocery platform, if your target audiences are not able to locate your brand or products on the search engines.

Custom digital marketing is always the better way as a custom plan can help you promote your brand or products in a particular region, country. This is why the big brands like Big Basket and Amazon are on the top ranks when people look for online grocery products in India.

The Final Thoughts

We’re living in a very busy world where tiring commutes and long working hours make it almost impossible to walk to the local stores to buy groceries. This is why online grocery shopping industry is booming. If you are not already having a web presence, you are already losing a lot of revenue.

Follow the detailed guide on ‘how to build an online grocery store?’ to create and launch your own robust, custom online grocery shopping platform to start selling your products in your target region.

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