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This Valentines Season for 2019, Grow Sales & Traffic of Your eCommerce Store

Valentine’s Day is around here, and all the crazy couples are in search of the perfect gifts for their partners. Be it a college relationship or a married couple, everyone goes gaga when it comes to the celebration of love. To make this day special and memorable, people hunt different places and online sites to find something unique and expressive.

When it comes to promoting your Valentine’s Day products, it becomes tough to boost traffic of your eCommerce store because of the increased number of competitors in the market. As a brand, it becomes imperative to drive the right category of the crowd towards your website. All that it takes to do so is a planned and innovative strategy, and you are all set to witness increased customer base this Valentines.

Simple yet effective – Instagram promotion

With the increasing craze of Instagram amongst the young generation, it is becoming the new hub for all the eCommerce stores. Posting content regularly, going live and keeping your stories up to date is what that helps to drive the crowd towards your brand daily. Commenting on the posts of other influential brands really helps too.

Sponsored Facebook ads

Facebook Ads have always been popularly known for boosting traffic for the sales of various eCommerce platforms. It is one of the easiest yet effective ways to promote your brand. These ads can help in the following ways:

– One can display their top selling products through the sponsored ads which help to attract a large customer base.

– Dynamic product ads really help to serve the purpose of promotion since it reminds all those who have added products to the cart to checkout.

– Unique and creative videos to attract customers.

However, if you aren’t a pro at this, make sure that you employ an expert for this.

Increase online traffic with SEO

The first thing that should come to your mind when you hear SEO is ‘Backlinks’. These backlines give a score called as Domain Rank. This domain rank is a true indicator of where the brand has reached due to the correct usage of keywords. However, this isn’t as simple as it sounds and requires proper knowledge of SEO optimization. However, if it works, it will boost the traffic of your eCommerce store.

The technique that never fails – competitions and giveaways

One of the best ways to attract the most genuine crowd to your eCommerce site is ‘Competition and Giveaways’. Online contests witness large responses which then turn into a potential customer base. Offering incentives like discounts on referrals, give away to random participants attract customer’s attraction to a large extent. Not only this, people tagging friends on these giveaway posts helps to attract a new segment of people.

Conversion rate optimization

For all those who witness more than 500-600 transactions on a monthly basis, the only way to take it to the next level is Conversion Rate Optimization. This technique helps to analyze all the qualitative as well as quantitative data attached to your business and helps you find all the associated growth problems. This not only helps to find the areas that require attention but also the mentality of people when they don’t buy the products.

Use these techniques and boost the sales of your brand this Valentine’s Day.

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