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Who Is The Best Web Hosting Service Provider for an eCommerce Website?

In this digital era, it is imperative to have an online presence to give your business maximum exposure.  One of the most important things that you need to do to have an online presence is finding a web host.  Many businesspersons, every now and then say – where is the company that will store your website’s files on its servers and delivers them to your customers’ browsers. Web hosting services offer varying amounts of monthly data transfers, email, storage, and other features.

Now the question is – Who is the best web hosting service provider for an eCommerce website. Well, while searching for the best web hosting for my eCommerce store, you give importance to features that help you build it with ease like one-click installs and support. In these terms, site Ground, Bluehost and WP Engine stand out.

Site Ground scores over others in terms of pricing, speed, CDN, and customer support. It provides the best solutions to every need of the customer. A customer cannot demand anything else. you can say that It will provide me with the best hosting for budget eCommerce.

Industry experts also give their preference for Flywheel and WP Engine. Now you would be telling – make me understand in detail about hosting sites and I want to know – Who is the best web hosting service provider for an eCommerce website, you have ample options to choose from.

So, are you ready to build your eCommerce website?

Various service providers are offering their platforms for eCommerce. The most reliable one is WooCommerce. An open source plugin, WooCommerce is available with WordPress. You need to create an e-commerce hosting account on WordPress to use this platform and to store your files with a secure website.

Even applications like Magneto use hosting. Let’s find out the best hosting solution for your eCommerce store needs. Let’s check out who is the best web hosting service provider for an eCommerce website.

WP Engine: The pricing details of wpengine are more transparent in comparison to Bluehost. It’s Startup Plan is pretty reasonable with monthly pricing. Its interface is quite easy to use for hosting and scaling up.

All plans provided, include SSL and CDN along with a number of visits. You can also freely migrate. It provides you VPS from the beginning, hence, no hassle of a slow shared server.

Site Ground: If you are looking for a budget host then Site Ground is the best option for you. It provides easy pricing plans. It provides you with three plans, with reasonable pricing. Setting it up is also a cakewalk. It provides you with CDN support and pre-managed online store requisites. So, one gets plenty of page visits. The lower pricing is applicable to its shared hosting.

Pagely: It is the most expensive hosting platform when compared to all. Its plan starts at $299 per month. But higher pricing comes with the perk of fast speed of your site. High powered VPS machines are used by it. Well, it caters to a target segment of the highly professional group of e-commerce fraternity.

The lowest plan available on Pagely supports ten websites. It provides a secure and fastest interface to host your site onto. This is most suited for agencies with numerous clients or big organizations with diverse business interests.

Flywheel: Another reasonably priced platform for your needs is Flywheel. It has a very low-cost plan for your managed WordPress hosting needs. It is priced at 14$ per month. It provides you with a super speedy VPS, and customer support for the easy migration process. It is easy to upgrade with growing business needs when your business scales up.

Unlike Bluehost and Site Ground, it never hikes prices.

You can easily choose your best e-commerce web hosting platform, keeping your requirements in mind.

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