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Business Pack

Great for Entrepreneurs & Startups Business

Premium Pack

Good For Established

Ultimate Pack

Good For Enterprise

Fixed Cost

$5999 $3999One Time Cost $7999/mon $5999One Time Cost $11999 $9999One Time Cost

Upload Products

ManuallyCSV FileManually + CSV File


Products OnlyCategories + ProductsCategories + Products + Brand


No Order Tracking4 Step/Status TrackingLive Order Tracking


Single VendorMultivendor + Single ThemeMultivendor + Single Theme


Email NotificationEmail + Push NotificationsSMS+ Email + Push

Shoppers App

Android AppAndroid & iOS for User & VendorCustomer + Vendors + Admin


Product onlyProduct + VendorAdmin Controls Ratings + Reviews

Payment Gateway

PayPalPaypal,Braintree + Authorize.netPaypal+Stripe+Braintree+ Authorize & RazorPay

Split Payment Support

Offline - by AdminManual TransfersAuto transfer using payment Gateway

Shipping Rates

FlatSingle ProviderWeight-based shipping

Cart Notfication

No Order TrackingWeb onlyWeb & Mobile both


Pre Selected Engaging ThemePartial Custom Theme DesignFully Customized & User Friendly Design
Business Pack
Great for Startup Business
$5999 $3999One Time Cost
  • Upload Products (Manually)
  • Search (Products Only)
  • Tracking (No Order Tracking)
  • Portal (Single Vendor)
  • Notification (Email Notification only)
  • Shoppers App (Android App)
  • Reviews (Product only)
  • Payment Gateway (PayPal)
  • Split Payment Support (Offline - by Admin)
  • Shipping Rates (Flat)
  • Cart Notfication (No Abondaned Cart Notification)
  • Theme (Pre Selected Engaging Theme)
Premium Pack
Good For Established Organization
$7999 $5999One Time Cost
  • Upload Products (CSV File)
  • Search (Categories & Products)
  • Tracking (4 Step/Status Tracking)
  • Portal (Multivendor with Single Theme)
  • Notification (Email & Push Notifications)
  • Shoppers App (Android & iOS for User & Vendor)
  • Reviews (Product & Vendor)
  • Payment Gateway (Paypal,Braintree &
  • Split Payment (Manual Transfers)
  • Shipping API (Single Provider)
  • Abondaned Cart Notfication (Web only)
  • Theme (Partial Custom Theme Design)
Ultimate Pack
For Enterprise Business
$11999 $9999One Time Cost
  • Upload Products (CSV& Manually)
  • Search (Categories,Products & Brands)
  • Tracking (Live Order Tracking)
  • Portal (Multivendor with Multi Theme)
  • Notification (SMS, Email & Push)
  • Shoppers Mobile App (Customer, Vendors & Admin)
  • Reviews (Admin Controls Ratings & Reviews)
  • Payment Gateway (Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Authorize & RazorPay)
  • Supports Split Payment (Auto transfer using payment Gateway)
  • Shipping API (Weight-based shipping)
  • Abondaned Cart Notifications (Web & Mobile both)
  • Theme (Fully Customized & User Friendly Design)
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